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Capturing the Real-World Benefits of ICD-10


The change to ICD-10 is often touted as an overall beneficial change for healthcare in the United States, yet many hospitals are finding it hard to identify where the specific benefits are for their organizations.

Since ICD-9 codes are used today to encode, communicate, and analyze clinical diagnoses and procedures in and between healthcare organizations, migrating hospitals to ICD-10 will be expensive, require a great deal of work, and could easily become one of the most disruptive transitions our industry has ever faced. It is understandable that many lose sight of the value ICD-10 can bring by focusing on the enormity of the challenge. However, challenges bring opportunities and ICD-10 is no exception.

In a column in the Journal of Healthcare Information Management, WPC’s Larry Watkins outlines some of the real world benefits the industry’s change to ICD-10 will bring. Members of HIMSS can access the article online here.

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