Information IQ


To develop trust and long-term relationships WPC Healthcare incorporates the client into every step of the solution development process. Our clients are active participants in the WPC process to ensure total knowledge transfer that provides independence as well as understanding. We define success in two ways:

  • Raising the Information IQ of our clients and
  • Achieving the operational and strategic goals of the organization
Discover (assess, envision, plan) Gather information through surveys, interviews white board sessions, and brainstorming to develop a collaborative assessment of the current situation.
Integrate (build, organize, normalize) Build a portfolio of the discoveries and necessary data, organized into a meaningful structure to support rapid analysis and planning.
Analyze (identify, understand, prioritize) Through rigorous analysis identify the key areas of focus to develop a successful solution and plan of attack.
Apply (operationalize, implement, validate) Guide, support and facilitate the implementation of the solution through an iterative delivery approach and aggressive training.
Predict (investigate, correlate, project) Create prospective analysis to support real-time, ongoing proactive business decision support to avoid future issues and proactively prepare for future change.