WPC Creates a Scalable HIE to Enable Meaningful Use Compliance

WPC Creates a Scalable HIE to Enable Meaningful Use Compliance


A company operating one of the largest public/private health information exchanges (HIE) in the United States requested WPC’s assistance in migrating the HIE to a more scalable architecture and in expanding its capabilities to support new healthcare reform initiatives. The HIE is now enabled in a multi-tenant environment and is intended to help providers comply with Meaningful Use criteria.

Business Challenge

The HIE is a patient-centered information exchange providing tools to physicians, clinicians, and stakeholders to better manage patient care, improve outcomes, and drive down the total cost of healthcare. However, the HIE was challenged in easily onboarding new clients as well as in how to position their solution to take advantage of healthcare reform legislation. A new client required its own physical instance of the HIE platform, making it prohibitively expensive to bring on new users. The existing application had been written prior to many of the final rules in healthcare reform legislation and needed to be refreshed to comply with initiatives such as Meaningful Use and Accountable Care Organizations.

WPC Solution

WPC assisted in transitioning the HIE to a complete Microsoft solution. This architecture creates a multi-tenant environment, allowing the HIE to easily extend to more clients and additional users. The SharePoint interface gives the HIE the ability to design a dynamically manageable interface, enabling users to pick and arrange onscreen clinical components to meet their needs. Using Biz Talk as the integration and messaging solution for the various sources of data ensures the transactional integrity of the solution. SQL provides the security and HIPAA/HITECH compliance aspects required when managing protected health information. Ultimately, the front-end application is intended to give healthcare providers multiple features required to meet Meaningful Use criteria.


The HIE can now offer increased functionality with lower costs to onboard new clients. The application has the ability to collect, merge, and normalize administrative and clinical data. The overall solution is a tool to access both vital population health information as well individual patient electronic health records that cover all possible care delivery settings. The WPC Solution helps the HIE fulfill its mission of empowering providers to improve the quality of care in a cost-effective manner while staying competitive in a healthcare reform environment.

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