With Taproot, systems connect, data have meaning, and decision making is informed.

Practical data science. At your service.

WPC offers a variety of opportunities to address strategic initiatives, limit liability, improve quality, and improve financial strength through the skill of the WPC data science team.

Through proprietary algorithms, WPC addresses unique client needs, creating a visual presentation of key data that are easy to understand and further analyze. Moving from analysis to action is the hallmark of the Taproot solution and the key to moving from a strategic discussion to the tactical arena. With Taproot, workflow and liability/risk scenarios can be entertained and cost, reimbursement denial, and clinical quality issues can be targeted to develop an effective plan of action.

Through a mixture of technology and process optimization, and with a deep understanding of healthcare data, the Taproot Solution Suite transforms existing systems, data, and workflows, improving productivity and mitigating risk while enhancing quality care delivery.

Descriptive statistics and data visualization necessary to receive adequate and fair reimbursement.

A New Approach to Addressing Clinical Issues

To get the right answer, you need to ask the right question. WPC is skilled in answering specific questions about given patient populations, diagnoses, or risk factors and delivering the insight necessary for effective intervention.

With success in regard to predictive modeling around sepsis, identifying prediabetic populations, or patients with other chronic conditions, WPC Healthcare is a partner to take addressing key issues like focusing on hospital acquired infections or any of the CMS 30 HARMS a step further. Operationalizing data science in a practical and effective manner is our strategic differentiator.



Infectious Disease

  • Sepsis Predictive Index
  • HIV Progressions Index
  • West Nile/Zika Virus Outbreak Prediction Index

Internal Medicine

  • Diabetic Identification Index
  • Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnostic Index


  • Seizure Predictive Index

Behavioral Health

  • Schizophrenia Classification Index


  • Cervical Cancer Risk Index


  • Cardiac Conditions Index


  • Spine Surgery Approval Index

WPC has the tools and talent to optimize your reimbursement process and empower your revenue cycle team in preparation for the shift to value-based care.
The Prescription

  • The ability to effectively communicate a “compliant” claim—the type that gets paid immediately, without delay, and in the full amount
  • Identifying the root causes found in the electronic data stream in order to address problems today and on an ongoing basis
High denial and rejection rates and high AR days are symptoms of a problem.


Denial Management

  • Denials research
  • Overpayment recovery

Payer Intelligence

  • Payer scorecard
  • Payer profiling and performance
  • Contract modeling
  • Value-based care performance

Overpayment Recovery Management
Receivables Analysis

Code Analysis

  • DRG analysis
  • Medical necessity
  • ICD-9 diagnosis code Pareto analysis


  • Adjustment categories
  • Adjustment distributions

Financial Management

  • Financial forecasting

Sophisticated episode analytics support data-driven operational strategies focused on readmissions and bundled payment management.

Operational Insights Necessary for Value-Based Care

For healthcare delivery organizations, a significant amount of annual budgets are allocated to operations. This fact makes achieving operational efficiencies and minimizing costs a critical requirement of thriving in an environment of healthcare reform. The need for accurate and reliable operational benchmarks has never been greater.

WPC Operational Insights deliver actionable analytics that identify opportunities in patient management, satisfaction, and marketshare.



Patient Management

  • Readmission Predictive Index
  • Patient Days Algorithm
  • Length of Stay Analysis
  • Care episode analysis
  • Care sequence analysis

Value Based Care

  • Quality indicator analysis including PQRS score correlations

Patient Satisfaction

  • Patient Satisfaction analysis by physician, procedure and site of care

Market share

  • Geo-spatial procedure delivery by location, gender and procedure

Scheduling Optimization

  • Just in time scheduling algorithm to improve performance and quality incorporating team and individual provider performance data

By proactively preparing for new mandates and standards, healthcare organizations can actually achieve the intended benefits.

Professional Services Delivered by Healthcare Experts

As healthcare data experts, WPC is unmatched in its ability to support healthcare organizations in preparing for and achieving the benefits intended through regulatory changes, building a data infrastructure necessary for value-based care and optimizing the reimbursement process. WPC has a deep understanding of healthcare data down to individual data elements, a strategic differentiator between a technology shop and a mature solution provider. This marriage ensures that real intelligence can be gleaned from the effort, a critical requirement for transforming data into understanding. To apply data science, information must be consistent and dimensioned in a manner accessible by an algorithm.



General Services

  • Program/Project Management
  • Business Analysis

Reimbursement Services

  • Assessment
  • Code Auditing

Compliance Services

  • ICD-10
  • EDI
  • HIPAA Security & Compliance

Data Services

  • Planning
  • System Architecture
  • Data Governance
  • Master Data Management
  • Action
  • ETL Development
  • Data Integration
  • Clinical/Enterprise Data Warehouse